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  • Huguenot Primary School - Tafelsig

    Huguenot Primary School - Tafelsig

    Huguenot Primary School Recycling Depot is located in Tafelsig, Cape Town, and accepts plastic, glass and metal. The drop-off point is at the front gate of the school.

  • Hosaf


    Quality is the foundation on which Hosaf researches, develops, tests and manufactures its products. A subsidiary of KAP – the JSE-listed, multi-billion rand holding company-Hosaf manufactures and distributes PET resin and polymer for local and international markets.In this technologically-inspired world, we have access to international expertise through our thoughtfully selected global partners; ensuring that our products are rated among the best in the world. We have accreditations from some of the biggest and most respected brand names in the world.

  • Highlands Landfill Site

    Highlands Landfill Site

  • Extrupet


  • EnviroServ


  • Ecycle Electronic Recycling

    Ecycle Electronic Recycling

  • ECOmonkey


  • Ecolid Recycling Solution

    Ecolid Recycling Solution

  • DWS (Don't Waste Services)

    DWS (Don't Waste Services)

    Don't Waste Services has been existence for the last 14 years and specialises in providing professional on-site waste management. The company is 100% BBBEE compliant and continues to expand in South Africa with over 1,400 staff being employed nationally. The company has also introduced fully equipped training centres at each branch to ensure that all new staff facilitating their expansion programme are expertly trained as well maintenance training programmes for exisiting staff. The training programmes include learnership as well as social training aspects such as HIV & Aids education. As the company's focus is on service excellence it now has offices in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and East London with further regional offices on the cards in areas where new clients are being established. Don't Waste Services maintains the highest standards of waste management in South Africa and has been ISO 9000,ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited. As the company remains on the cutting edge of the world's latest waste management technology, it is able to continually streamline the efficiency of it's operations. The company operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has a national call centre controlling operations which is located at it's Durban Head Office. As the company is neither a recycler nor a waste removal company, it's independent style of operating and through it's massive volumes of operation enables the company to makes use of the most competitive rates in these areas and passes the savings on to it's clients. The company's impressive customer base at hundreds of high profile sites and clients, references can be provided. Don't Waste Services vast experience in waste management enables it to operate efficiently at a wide range of specialise sites including shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, convention centres, large office blocks, large housing estates, corporate head offices, universities and technikons, industrial bottling plants, industrial packaging plants, factories, harbours, vehicle manufacturing plants, stadiums and even once off events.

  • Constantia Waldorf Recycling Depot

    Constantia Waldorf Recycling Depot