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  • Vantru Computing

    Vantru Computing

    For all your computing Needs! Sales, repairs, upgrades, call-outs, build to spec, virus & Malware removal, tutoring of small groups, data recovery, converting vinyl, audio & video to CD/DVD, formats, cloning, backups, cleaning of hardware and software. We're also a recycling drop off pont for e-cycle We make and sell many items from e-waste as a sideline.

  • Protea Park Primary Recycling Depot

    Protea Park Primary Recycling Depot

    The school is situated in Magnolia Street, Protea Park, Atlantis. Look for the container in the school grounds.

  • PartServe


    When a company does a technology refresh of their IT equipment, there is always the problem of how to recover the asset value of the old equipment and to find a way of disposing of this equipment quickly and effectively. PartServe Channel Support offers two solutions for the disposal of this equipment. Fixed Price Buy Back - Based upon a fair market value of IT Equipment, a negotiated set price is established. Upon receipt and inspection of equipment, a report of any defects is issued. Payment will commence 30 days after receiving a statement of invoice. PartServe absorbs the inventory risk during the sale cycle. Shared Revenue Sale - Let PartServe take the disposal burden off your shoulders by handling your inventory and verifying its specifications. Product is sorted and tested to verify functionality and specifications are confirmed. If product has value in the marketplace, it will be sold at fair market value and a negotiated percentage of the proceeds will be returned to you upon completion of the sale. If there is no value, then the product is scrapped and disposed of. Additional Services Additional on-site services are available on request, which are as follows: Environmentally safe disposal of non-marketable assets, a certificate of destruction will be issued for each unit that provides indemnification for you against liability. Asset Testing and auditing, PartServe will test assets to verify functionality and confirm specifications. Hard Disc Data Wiping, data is cleansed via an overwrite process to meet customer’s requirements. Packing and Transportation, PartServe can arrange to collect and transport your packed equipment from anywhere in South Africa.

  • Oasis Recycling

    Oasis Recycling

    It’s estimated that Cape Town residents produce over 6000 tons of waste PER DAY! In other words, each person (and there are approximately 3,497,097 people in the greater Cape Town area) produces over 1.72 kilograms of waste per day! And even more frightening, waste generation in Cape Town grows at approximately 7 % a YEAR! Small wonder that we are fast running out of landfill….. According to an Environmental Affairs and Tourism media statement issued in 2007, South Africa has set a national target of reducing the amount of waste going to landfills by 70% by 2022, and to minimise and treat the remaining 30%. So hopefully we won’t be drowning in the sea of waste humanity has created. Oasis Association addresses two of the international 'three R' (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) approaches towards waste minimisation. In other words, we focus on re-using (thanks to our shops) and recycling. Recycling is something EVERYONE can get involved in. Simply adopting a recycling approach means that no matter what your financial position, you can make a contribution towards living lightly on our planet. The Oasis Association’s Recycling and Waste Management Project takes an integrated approach to waste management and deals with waste in several different ways with the aim of reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Recycling also reduces the need for new raw materials, and so helps prevent environmentally harmful processes like mining, power generation and water exploitation. The bottom line is that reducing waste means less pollution, less raw materials AND a financial saving! Oasis Association appointed an actuary (who volunteered her services) to analyze our recycling operations at the beginning of 2008. We were delighted to confirm that we processed over 220 tons of recyclable waste a month during 2007! This means that we saved the City of Cape Town approximately 20 339 cubic metres of landfill. Today we recycle over 260 tons of waste a month leading us to believe that "rubbish" is the only commodity that is recession proof!

  • Huguenot Primary School - Tafelsig

    Huguenot Primary School - Tafelsig

    Huguenot Primary School Recycling Depot is located in Tafelsig, Cape Town, and accepts plastic, glass and metal. The drop-off point is at the front gate of the school.

  • Kraaifontein Drop-Off Recycling Facility

    Kraaifontein Drop-Off Recycling Facility

    WastePlan is a national on-site waste management company specialising in recycling and reducing waste to landfill. We are the second largest company of our kind in South Africa with a footprint in KZN, Gauteng, the Western Cape and the Free State, servicing more than 160 clients nationally. We are a level 2 BEE contributor with 125% procurement recognition.

  • Highlands Landfill Site

    Highlands Landfill Site

    Located at Malmesbury, Swartland, West Coast, South Africa Bloomingdale Road, Off N7, Malmesbury Office Hours 08:00 to 18:00, Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sundays Contact 022 485 7342 Pollution and Waste Management aims to facilitate and develop programmes, projects, co-operative management and policy mechanisms, measures and decision-support systems to ensure integrated pollution and waste management. Pollution and Waste Management also aims to: Ensure efficient and effective provision of staff for the new structure and development of personnel Collect, analyse and disseminate relevant and current information regarding pollution and waste management Promote programmes on pollution and waste management that give effect to integrated pollution and waste management Promote public participation in environmental governance and decision-making with respect to integrated pollution and waste management Provide efficient and effective support to all clients and ensure co-operative governance to achieve integrated pollution and waste management Develop and implement pollution and waste management legislation, policies, norms, standards and guidelines and ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation.

  • Ecolid Recycling Solution

    Ecolid Recycling Solution

  • WasteWant


    Home User Information So you've decided to "go green." You've replaced your regular light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs and purchased recycling bins. You've even organised that pile in the garage. You know the one -- outdated audio equipment, used cans of paint, even an old car battery. You're feeling pretty proud of yourself, until you realise, "Hey. How do I get rid of all this stuff?" And no, you can't just put it out with the trash. That's where My Waste comes in. Log onto My Waste's Web site, type in your address and you'll be presented with a list of recycling drop-off centres in your geographical area. Although My Waste’s primary function is to provide South Africans with the easiest way to recycle everything from a can to a computer, My Waste also posts original content and articles relevant to recycling and environmental experts offer advice and tips for living green. Once registered on the site, individual users are encouraged to add their own content and feedback through social media integration such as facebook and twitter. The site also provides materials for teachers and students as well as encouraging schools to get involved in the green initiative! My Waste is a non-political and a non-activist initiative. My Waste's mission is to deliver information that enables people to actively contribute to sustainability, a concept the United Nations defined in 1987 as "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." In your quest to "go green," you may meet many challenges. For example, those compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are great energy savers, but what happens when you need to throw one away? CFLs contain a small amount of mercury and must be disposed of properly. Guidelines for disposal and general recycling of waste can be a minefield to the average consumer. My Waste provides a wealth of information on recyclable materials, their use and disposal. As mentioned earlier, the My Waste home page features a search box where users can enter the name of the item they wish to recycle, along with their physical address; My Waste then provides a list of local recycling centres, along with guidelines, phone numbers and maps provided by Google. Get involved today and don’t forget the three pillars of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

  • Constantia Waldorf Recycling Depot

    Constantia Waldorf Recycling Depot